Why Your Small Business Needs A Podcast.

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Why Your Small Business Needs A Podcast.

Most of you reading this will know me and my obsession with helping small business owners grow their businesses.

So a blog topic that talks about a pillar for small business growth is not out of the ordinary, but today my topic is on a much less conventional form of small business marketing and that is the subject of Podcasting.

Podcasts are a highly valuable part of any small businesses marketing strategy in my opinion. Below are some of the reasons why I think you might want to consider producing one for your business.

Please note, like all good marketing opportunities, your podcast needs to add value and not just be an audio advert for your business. You can read tips on what works when starting a podcast on my recent blog HERE ... For now though ... enjoy the blog.

1. Prospects Listen

Over 40% of owners of SMEs globally currently listen to podcasts. Of those almost 70% listen at least once a week if not multiple times a week. If you are like me, you also get sick of looking at screens all day and do not enjoy looking at them during downtime, so listening to a podcast is a super enjoyable experience.

Listening to podcasts allows me to be educated and or entertained while not needing to concentrate on anything specific. On this, what other marketing medium can reach people as they vacuum their house, while they are going on a run or walk or commuting to and from work.

Another great thing about podcasts is that if a customer hasn’t purchased your product or service, or spent any time with you professionally, there’s usually no way of knowing what you’ll be like to work with as a contractor or consultant.

With a podcast however, you have an opportunity to show people who you are so they feel comfortable investing in you and your company. It is also a great way to prove you’re an expert in your field which in turn builds your authority and trust with potential customers.

2. More Qualified Leads

Podcasts let you demonstrate your credibility by sharing your expertise and thus adding value to your audience. It also allows you to reach an infinite amount of listeners as one episode can reach one ... or many. So when any of the listeners after consuming your content reach out to you for more help or information, you know they already have some level of trust in you and some knowledge of what you do ... making them pre qualified and ultimately a lot easier to convert them from prospect into a business client or customer.

3. Return on Investment

You know I am all about business growth without wasting money, so this is another reason why I rate Podcasts so highly for small business marketing. Outside of investing your time planning out the content and organising the guests you want to interview, you can record your podcast using platforms like Zoom or Skype. It is done on your computer using a microphone (this is something you can’t skimp on, as sound quality matters in a podcast). Podcast hosting costs less than $10 a month and that's it if you are happy editing the audio yourself. The hosting I use for one channel but as many episodes I can produce is $100 a year.

For production, if you do not want to do it yourself there are services like the one I use at The Creative Hub who have a soundproof podcast room with great equipment and who I get to do the editing of the audio for me. I budget around $500 a month, but this gets me between 3-5 finished Podcasts depending on how efficient I am running when I book the booth.

4. Podcasting can be Lucrative

In addition to bringing in leads and sales for your business, which is the reason you need to start one. If your podcast becomes popular in its own right it can become a source of additional revenue through sponsorships, joint ventures or even an exclusive broadcast deal.

Businesses that want to get in front of your audience will pay to do so and podcast sponsorship makes a big part of agency budgets these days and if you are really good ... like Joe Rogan did recently, you can sign an inclusive deal with the likes of Spotify who it is rumoured payed Joe US $10M to host exclusively on their platform.

5. Podcasts are a Bunch of Fun

It is not hard to talk about things that you are super passionate about as a general rule. So add to that hanging out with a co-host or having guests that you enjoy having a chinwag with or learning something from (maybe even over a glass of wine) could not get any better.

For me my 4 hours a fortnight that I book out the podcast room at The Creative Hub are some of the most enjoyable moments I spend marketing my business. Also as someone who does not enjoy overly being on camera, podcasts make me feel right at home with no fears of what I present like.

The added bonus is that I know most of the people listening to my Podcast that have their own small business will be getting something great from it that they can use to grow and be more successful, so a real rare win win.

I hope I have you itching at the bit to go and start a podcast of your very own. If so be sure to read my other blog on How to start your own Podcast.

If you want to get a proposal on using the Podcast Room at The Creative Hub, be sure to send an email to Chris Osborne at

If you are looking for a good business blog to listen too, head to where you will find all my episodes based around better small business.

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