How to take Better Photos of your Pets for Social Media

Rightly or Wrongly, pet “influencers” are definitely a thing these days and the numbers are growing at a staggering rate. 

Businesses in the very crowded pet industry are all looking for ways to get their products in front of as many people as they can, and offering pet owners free products that they in turn position in a photo posted to Instagram is the current marketing method of choice.

This has led to an explosion of pet content on social media, particularly Instagram where animals often have their own account in which they try to attract as many followers as possible by posting photos.

So we thought we would ask one of favourite togs (what the cool kids call photographers) Chris Osborne from The Creative Hub and Digital Media Guru Adam McDonald from Organic Growth their tips on how regular punters can take great photos of their pets and use them effectively on their social media.

Before we start, you do not need a bunch of fancy photography equipment. Today’s phones and tablets have great cameras both in quality and speed so will definitely do the trick.

  1. START A SEPERATE ACCOUNT - If you are planning on taking a bunch of pics of your Pets, consider opening separate accounts for your pets, especially if you are looking to be an influencer. Not only will your friends thank you for not spamming them with hundreds of Pet Pics, but with a dedicated account you can fully immerse yourself in the life of a Pet Influencer and have fun while doing it.

  2. TRY MULTIPLE PLATFORMS - Today there seems to be a new Social Media platform launched every week and those that taste the new ones as they are launched are usually the most successful on them. The staples for pet owners would be Facebook (set up own pet page), Instagram (set up seperate account) and the Newish one Tik Tok (Video based but a bunch of fun).

  3. BE FAMILIAR WITH YOUR CAMERA - Before you head out to a location with your Pet, play around with your camera at home to get familiar with its range of functions. If you know exactly what you can do with it you will have way less editing to do after and will get better results during the shoot.

  4. HAVE PATIENCE - Unlike taking photography of landscapes or flowers, taking photos of your Pet will be a little more challenging as they have free will. Some days you will have great shots where they are acting like perfect dog models and others … Well, they might just want to be anywhere else but facing you and your camera, so a lot of patience will go a long way.

  5. TRY VARIOUS LOCATIONS - Not only will you get to see some great areas of your region that you may not have seen before, but your Pet will be super excited to see (and more importantly smell) new things. Having varying locations for your pics will add a nice change to followers on your social media pages as seeing lots of pics in the same yard is a little YAWN. So head to the Beach, the City, the Mountains or even a Winery and have fun capturing a bunch of Pics that will provide contact for months.

  6. PLAN YOUR CONTENT TO LAST - After a great day shooting you will be tempted to blast a heap of pics out straight after. But if you are like most people who have a life outside Pets, a good plan is to get enough content on each shoot that you can mix up your content and make it last for a few weeks following each shoot.

  7. TRAIN YOUR PET - This can be a great time to invest some time into training your Pet. Not only will the training provide great content itself, but if you can control your Pet to do what you want more effectively … you will get better results with your photos.

  8. TAKE LOTSA SNACKS - This ties in with the above tip, but having a pocket full of snacks will help you get your Pet to do what you are after. There are also phone brackets that hold things like tennis balls, which if your pet is a ball obsessed dog will help capture some great shots of them.

  9. MAKE USE OF THE LIGHT - This is the biggest rule in any photography but natural light makes for better pics. So schedule your day based on the light at your location and always try and have the light source behind you when taking the shots. If you happen to get an overcast day, don't fret it … there are plenty great filters in the social media platforms you will be using that will help you lighten things up if needed.

  10. GET DOWN TO THEIR LEVEL - Try and get as far down to get at the same height as they stand. By being at the same level you will capture a heap more emotion and details in their face than you will trying to shoot them from your height above them.

  11. VARY YOUR SHOTS - Play around when shooting your Pets, try new and different things out. Stationery, Moving, Distance, Close Up, Serious, fun … it all makes for different content and makes the day more interesting for both you and your Pet.

  12. TRY A FEW PROPS - This one can be super easy or super difficult depending on your pets nature and level of discipline. But by throwing some props in your bag to try can often lead to the best fun pics of the day. Also Remember to take your Personalised Pet Collars and tag us in.

  13. SHOOT QUICKLY AND OFTEN - Don’t mess about trying to get that perfect shot as most times it will never happen. In our experience, taking the pics quickly and lots of them while leading to a bit more sorting when you get home, will always generally get the best results.

  14. IT'S OK TO EDIT - Some amatuer Togs think that they have failed if they have to touch up their pics in post following the shoot. But truth be known, all the best photographers do, and it is usually the best editor versus the best photographer that has the most memorable pics. So practice both photography and editing and you will find followers galore.

So there are some tips to help you get some great Pet Pics for Social Media, thanks to Chris and Adam for helping me put this together for you and if you want anymore help from them, they are always available for our Personalised Pet family through their socials below.

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